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Welcome to IB HELP! This is a website supporting all IB students worldwide. It contains everything you might need for your studies, including syllabuses, past papers, subject reports, revision help - and lots of other resources.

Using this website

All documents on IB HELP are stored using Dropbox. When clicking on the link you’d like to open, a new window should open showing all the documents relating to that link. You can then download all the files you want.

Other useful websites

Made by a bunch of IB survivors, experts in selected subjects and giving feedback on essays.

“We provide free educational materials for International Baccalaureate diploma students, including notes, online tutorials and study support.”

Lots of exam papers for all the IB subjects.

Free Maths HL & SL video tutorials.

Great for discussion but you have to pay to become a member.

Last updated: 18 September 2015